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it to the age of 18. >> to prepare him for living in that environment, what have you told him? >> to pray. >> reporter: in sunnydale, he knows more people shot than graduated from college. his cousin was shot and killed when he was 19. to keep on track, his mom set down the law. >> i might be strict and have my way, but you will be better off listening to me than wind up in the system at another age. there's repercussions behind anything and everything you do from crime all the way down to sex. there's repercussion and consequences. >> reporter: that lecture got him here to uc berkeley. >> a degree from the public university in the world. >> reporter: tyree elson speaking a commencement exercises for the school of social welfare last year. >> that was a big deal for me because i didn't really hear about too many people graduating from college and just i guess there were a few who had the chance to do that. it was like a dream come true. >> reporter: i remember what the football coach in high school said about him. >> one out of 4,000. every four years and every five years. >> reporter: th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1